Join the hundreds of thousands of people and companies involved in mining cryptocurrency.

Colorado Mining is a cryptocurrency partnership with interests in mining and data centre services, specifically colocation for the mining sector.

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About Colorado Mining

Our phase 1 mining operation began in November 2017 and with private equity investment we are now expanding the business significantly.

Our objective is to become one of the largest crypto-mining companies.

Managed Mining

Power through renewable energy

We are aware of the environmental impact of mining activities, consequently Colorado Mining operates from data centre locations benefiting from 100% renewable power for a minimal carbon footprint and low-cost energy.

Our data centres

What we can do for you

Colocation of your hardware

Our miner colocation service is purpose built for mining, using low cost energy and natural cooling.

Miner colocation

Managed cryptocurrency mining

Focus on what matters by putting us in control with our managed mining offering.

Managed Mining